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  • KEEP IN MIND... We fit the best we can, with what we have.  We want everyone looking the very best for your big day and bragging on us.  Please remember that not everyone is built the same.

  • COST: See Wedding Packages for price breakdowns.

  • WEDDINGS: We will fill out a wedding sheet for you, and we must have every ones sizes ONE MONTH BEFORE THE WEDDING. This allows us to make sure we can receive all units and have them altered in time.  If anyone comes in after that deadline we can't promise anything.

  • SIZING: The most accurate way to fit your group is here in our store.

  • OUT OF TOWN PERSONS: Need to go into a retail store in their city and TRY ON a suit and shirt, then call us with all the sizes that worked for them (jacket size, pant size, shirt size).  It is best if they are shipped their items and have them tailored in their city.  If we pre-tailer items at your request over the phone we are not liable and will not refund garments.

  • SHIPPING: If you want us to ship for you, it cost $20.00 per set (jacket, pant, shirt, tie.bow, vest) we do not ship out of the USA.  We charge for shipping every time.  If you prefer to ship for your persons you may, we will even box it up for you.

  • PAYMENT: Is due before anything leaves the store or any items are altered.  Everything must be paid for two weeks before the event.  This ensures us time to get garments altered.

  • HOLDS: During our busy seasons (proms/weddings) we DO NOT put things on hold.  We remain too busy and miss sales on our end.

  • ORDERING: We have a great stock of all of these items in our stores.  If we have to order it generally takes a week or two.  Occasionally it can take longer.  We order your items as soon as we can and in timely manner depending on your wedding date.

*Wedding sets are available in select styles only.